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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Are the Marlins for real?

After 12 games in this young season, the Florida Marlins are 11-1 with a run differential of +32.  Both marks are best in the majors but is it just a hot streak or a sign of things to come?  Here are a few trends I have noticed:
  • Rookie 3b Emilio Bonifacio started off 14-24 (.583) in his first five games but since then has gone 3 for 29 (.103) with 0 walks.
  • Cameron Maybin is hitting .206/.289/.235
  • Cody Ross has 2 walks in 45 plate appearances 
  • John Baker is hitting .333/.421/.545
Now, Maybin is going to hit but the other three bullet points should be cause for concern.  John Baker was the main focus of Moneyball but he's not really this good.  Cody Ross has always had plate disicplate problems but this is bad even for him.  And scouts were saying even during Bonifacio's hot start that he's just an "average" player.  I love Florida's pitching but their offense will have to get more from Maybin if they are going to be playing in October.

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