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Thursday, September 10, 2009

NCAA Top 25 - Week 1

I will weekly post my Top 25 for College Football. The "rules" for my top 25 don't follow the standard format. I didn't do a preseason poll because, simply, I don't know enough about the teams until later in the season. For the first few weeks you will see my similarly mimic the major polls, but at the end of the season, I show no bias for "quality teams with quality wins in quality conferences." If you are Boise State and you are 12-0, chances are you will be in my top 3 and possibly in my BCS Title Game. Without further delay, here they are:

1. Florida - Defending champs won't lose this spot unless they lose.
2. Texas - With or without Oklahoma's loss, they'll play Florida in Pasedena.
3. USC - Always worthy of a top 5 this early.
4. Ohio State - Makes this weekend's matchup more interesting I'd say.
5. Alabama - Not sold on them. I like Saban, but these guys find a way to lose.
6. Penn State - PSU returns to glory...soon to be Top 5!
7. Oklahoma State - This year's Texas Tech?
8. Ole Miss - Make me think the SEC might be overrated.
9. Cal - Soft schedule may bite them in polls...may equal Rose Bowl in mine.
10. LSU - Sloppy win, but recent success and talent on the team justifies this spot.
(The rest are based off pre-season rankings and week 1 results...not subjectivity)
11. Boise State
12. Virginia Tech
13. BYU
14. Oklahoma
15. Georgian Tech
16. TCU
17. Utah
18. North Carolina
19. Georgia
20. Notre Dame
21. Nebraska
22. Kansas
23. Missouri
24. Oregon
25. Miami (FL)
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