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Sunday, November 29, 2009

NCAA Top 25 - Week 12

Rivalry week spoiled a few teams hopes and dreams. The showdown is set for Bama vs. FU...Gators are hot right now. I have to break my rules about how many spots you can fall when it's rivalry week.

1. Florida - Turns out, that Tebow guy is still pretty good. He's like a Tommy Frazier real NFL impact in my eyes.
2. Texas - A&M gave them a run most of the game, but McCoy and the Horns just didn't make many mistakes and the Aggies did.
3. Alabama - Hopefully, Ingram is healthy for the SEC Title game, otherwise the Tide will not roll.
4. Boise State - Nevada turned out to be no challenge, but other losses have all but guaranteed them their deserved BCS game.
5. TCU - Apparently they've beaten their spread 9 staight weeks before running into New Mexico. 44 points was just too much to cover as they sneaked out a 41 point win.
6. Cincinnati - Tony Pike returns to lead the Bearcats over an awful Illinois team. I still think Pitt has a shot to ruin their party.
7. Ohio State - bye week bliss
8. Oregon - Civil War for the Rose Bowl against OSU staring them down.
9. Virginia Tech - I guess timing is everything. Haven't lost in 4 weeks and now climb into my top 10 again.
10. Penn State - Despite losing to Iowa, the AP and Coach's Polls have them ahead of the Hawkeyes. So who gets the at-large bid?
11. BYU
12. USC
13. Georgia Tech
14. Utah
15. LSU
16. Iowa
17. Miami
18. Pitt
19. Nebraska
20. Cal
21. Oregon State
22. Stanford
23. Central Michigan
24. Arizona
25. Houston
(Just out: Oklahoma State, Ohio)

Special Upset BCS Bowl Projections
Championship - Alabama vs. TCU
Orange - Clemson vs. Texas
Fiesta - Nebraska vs. Boise State
Sugar - Florida vs. Pitt
Rose - Oregon State vs. Ohio State
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