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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Not the BCS - Week 1

What up SportsTemps blog followers?!

It's been 6 months since ANY blog posts. Yes, I gave up on NASCAR blogging almost as quickly as I started it, but the real surprise is that Anderson hasn't found the time or need in so long.

So here's my Top 10 for NCAA Football. Last year I did a top 25 each week, but that became a bit complicated to justify. Trying to simplify my life and this post....

1. Oregon - They beat legitimate Stanford a few weeks back...Ohio State hasn't beaten anyone other than a shaky Miami.
2. Ohio State - see above
3. Boise State - Giving them some respect that is long overdue. If I'm not mistaken, QB Kellen Moore has only 1 INT on the season (and about 15 TDs).
4. TCU - Similar story to Boise State. Kind of curious to see if the upset bug hits Oregon and Ohio State, could we actually have a BCS title with 2 non-majors?!
5. Nebraska - Not if the Big Red can help it. I'm a fan, but I'm still not 100% sold on this team yet. Our QB runs like Nebraska QBs of past, and the defense is strong, but something still feels off.
6. Oklahoma - The remaining schedule doesn't look too bad at this point. Could be a Big XII Championship game vs. Nebraska to decide which team plays for BCS glory.
7. Auburn - Tigers have had a few scares, including this week's road victory over Kentucky. They do have the victory over the recently amazing South Carolina Gamecocks.
8. South Carolina - Only Auburn has beaten them, and Spurrier is looking to take his 2nd SEC team to a BCS game...possibly a 2nd NCAA Championship.
9. Alabama - Let's face it. They are still a quality football team. Conference play in the SEC often favors the home team, and if this week's game was in 'Bama and not South Carolina, they may still be #1.
10. LSU - Nobody is impressed with the other Tigers of the SEC, but they are still undefeated, so they deserve this spot...for now.

See you next week!
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