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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Not the BCS - Nov 6

The games that will affect my Top 10 are all over for the week. Though Nebraska looked like doo doo in the win, they still won. That wasn't the case for a few others in the last Top 10, so that's good.

I haven't done this every week, but I'm still watching college football every week, and I feel pretty good about my current Top 10.

Here we go...

1. Oregon - Played a harder team than Auburn, and haven't really been challenged other than Arizon State at the start of the season.
2. Auburn - Don't really care about the possible recruiting violations...I'm sure many others are doing it. But, the SEC is a bit weaker than usual this year, it seems.
3. TCU - Dominated Utah today, and Utah had some respect coming in to the game. Not much respected for the Utes anymore. Watch for them to drop 10+ spots tomorrow.
4. Boise State - Sadly, even I cannot justify keeping them in the Top 3. Power conference will always get the nod, and TCU looks ridiculously good.
5. LSU - I kinda hate putting the Tigers this high. Les Miles almost botched a few games this year with bad clock management, but they still have only 1 loss.
6. Nebraska - Sorry, this may be too high for some of you, but when we have everyone healthy, we look much more like the team that beat the snot out of Missouri.
7. Wisconsin - Struggled early against Purdue before turning it on. Probably the best team in the Big Ten because they beat Ohio State.
8. Stanford - Your only loss is to the #1 Ducks...good enough for me. Also, a solid victory today vs. another tough Pac-10 opponent.
9. Alabama - Still a tough team. If all goes well, they beat Auburn in the Iron Bowl to keep the slim Husker shot at a title alive.
10. Ohio State - Bye week this week means not much to judge, but again, only 1 loss looks good at this point in the season.

I'll try to do this again next week so there aren't gaps in the rankings.
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