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Friday, April 29, 2011

2011 NFL Draft Thoughts: Round 1

It finally happened! Since I don't have TV I was relegated to watching the NFL Network's live coverage streaming over the internet. What I would have given to trade for ESPN and Jon Gruden's insight! Instead I was listening to Michael Irvin shout over Mike Mayock while Steve Mariucci and Marshall Faulk made jokes with each other. At least I got about a half hour of Tom Waddle.

Anyway here's some moves I really liked:
  1. Cleveland Browns trading the sixth pick for Atlanta's 1st & 4th rounders in 2011 and 2012 plus their second rounder in 2011. Wow. Good job, Holmgren!
  2. The Saints moving back into the first round to grab the BPA and their new franchise running back. They only gave up their second rounder this year and their first rounder next year - which we can assume will be a late pick since they'll likely make the playoffs.
  3. Cam Newton going #1 overall so the Bills didn't pick him.
  4.  The top four teams from last season in my mind (Bal, Pit, NYJ, GB) all getting great value late.  There' s a reason these teams have been competitive in the past and will remain competitive in the future.
Here's some things that have left me perplexed:
  1. Atlanta couldn't find a trade partner closer to ten? I understand the need for another WR but moving up 21 spots costs a lot and they still paid too much.
  2. Why did the Bears want to trade up 3 spots? Supposedly they got the guy they wanted in the end, but did they really think Baltimore, KC, and New Orleans would draft an offensive lineman? Maybe they just wanted to make the Ravens look bad by having their pick expire. Point noted.
  3. Da'Quan Bowers (I have him rated #7 overall) falling completely out of the first round. Teams must be really scared of his medical records on his knees.  
  4. The run on QB's. Gabbert falling to ten isn't a big deal but Locker and Ponder both being gone by pick 12? These teams better be sold on them or else some GMs are going to lose their jobs. 
As we head into round two here's who I think are the top 10 available players:
  1. Da'Quan Bowers DE - Top 10 talent has scared teams off with shaky medical records
  2.  Stephen Paea DT - I was hoping Buffalo would go Peterson then Paea or QB in the second round (not Andy Dalton, please!)
  3. Akeem Ayers LB - Good pass rusher, decent in coverage, but questionable angles towards ball carriers has lowered his perceived value
  4. Aaron Williams CB/FS - Had a rough senior year but he's loaded with talent
  5. Kyle Rudolph TE - Could be another great do-everything tight end
  6. Brooks Reed DE - Another quality pass rusher who likely slipped due to run on QBs
  7. Stefen Wisniewski OG/C - Strong, tough interior lineman who can really run block
  8. Marvin Austin DT - Super quick but teams aren't impressed with his work ethic
  9. Michael Leshoure RB - Similar to Mendenhall but smaller. 
  10. Ryan Williams RB - Teams who passed on a RB in round 1 (Miami) could get a potential Pro-Bowl back here.
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