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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 NFL Mock draft

We may have taken a bit of a hiatus here at sportstemps but there are certain traditions we do not skip. One of them is the annual NFL mock draft. Former contributor Taylor and I have hashed out our ideas and put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard).  I've combined our picks and stuck them into a table for our readers to enjoy.  Please remember to remind us how great we are (or how wrong we'll be) once the draft commences Thursday evening.

Pick #
Anderson’s Guess
Taylor’s Guess
1. Kansas City Chiefs
Eric Fisher OT, Central Michigan
KC is shopping the incumbent Albert and someone needs to take his place.  Martin’s a big boy and has the chance to be elite.
Luke Joeckel OT, Texas A&M
Fisher might have a higher upside and Joekel had some slip ups on film but he went against better competition weekly. Fisher will be a better run-blocker in the end but Joekel can pass block now, and will fit Reid's scheme nicely.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars
Dion Jordan OLB, Oregon
Why is this team passing on a QB? Because I think Jordan is the best prospect in this draft. He can rush the passer and cover TE’s in the slot. This versatility should enable Jax to utilize him regardless of scheme.
Dion Jordan DE, Oregon
Bradley's scheme requires quick playmakers on defense. I think because it is a new coaching regime, they can afford to pass on Geno Smith and grab a better option potentially next year. I have been torn toward slotting Smith here though. Could also grab a DT or OT really. Terrible team will compete for this pick next year...

3. Oakland Raiders
Shariff Floyd DT, Florida
A pass-rushing DT is huge in today’s NFL.  In Oakland’s 4-3 front he’ll have ample opportunity.
Shariff Floyd DT, Florida
Smith could easily go here but the Raiders have huge needs on the defensive line. Floyd will be able to stop the run and provide some rush so he is a good value.

4. Philadelphia Eagles
Philly trades this pick to San Diego for #11 and a 2nd rounder: San Diego will take Luke Joeckel OT, Texas A&M
Joeckel is who many thought would go number one overall. I think the Eagles are ok with moving down since there are several areas that need addressing. San Diego wants to run the ball and also needs to protect Philip Rivers. Neither happened in 2012.
Geno Smith QB, West Virginia
I chose Smith to go here for several reasons. First, they sent their owner to his workout, which apparently doesn't happen often. Secondly, Smith fits Kelly's scheme as well as anyone. Also, they can afford with a new regime to let Smith sit while Vick wraps up his contract, which is a plus. I think if Geno can sit for pretty much a full season, he could be successful in the NFL. That being said, I think Kelly's philosophy is over-hyped and while it might have short-term success, teams could react and figure it out.

5. Detroit Lions
Detroit trades #5 overall to NY Jets for #9 and additional picks. NY selects: Tavon Austin WR, West Virginia
The Jets know several teams are hot to trot for Tavon Austin so they move up to ensure themselves of a player with elite playmaking ability.  They still have a second 1st rounder to address other areas.
Eric Fisher OT, Central Michigan
Detroit snags an in-state prize with this pick. Sure they have defensive needs but they signed a few quality guys in Quin and Jones. I think Milliner is a possibility here though Fisher is certainly higher rated. Having Fisher at LT and Reiff at RT seems really intriguing. The interior offensive line play must still improve. I think the Lions can snag a solid WR or CB in round two.

6. Cleveland Browns
Dee Millner CB, Alabama
Millner could be an excellent compliment to CB Joe Haden.  Cleveland would like to trade down here but this guy’s not going to last much longer.
Dee Millner CB, Alabama
Those Ansah-type question mark players scare the heck out of me. I think between Kruger and Sheard they feel OLB will be decent and snag Milliner to fill a need. Really a nice secondary if Ward and Haden stay healthy.

7. Arizona Cardinals
Lane Johnson OT, Oklahoma
In five years from now we might look back at this draft class and realize Johnson’s the best tackle. He’s not the best right now but the upside is huge. Besides, I think I could rush Arizona’s QB.
Lane Johnson OT, Oklahoma
Ansah could very well go here. The Cards are very excited to have Levi Brown back and healthy... but he wasn't overly dominant before his injury. I always think the offensive line is terrible when I watch them. They should grab Johnson to pair with a young QB in round two or three.

8. Buffalo Bills
Ryan Nassib QB, Syracuse
Buffalo will desperately try to get out of this pick but there don’t appear to be any obvious trading partners. They don’t want to risk losing their top QB so they’ll swallow hard and make the pick.
Tavon Austin WR, West Virginia
Is he overrated? Probably. But the Bills pass-catching depth chart scares me a lot. I really think they snag Nassib or Manuel by trading to the back end of round one. I still think the roster is solid enough that a few additions and improved QB play could make them a surprise team. Spiller and Austin make a nice pair of play-makers.

9. NY Jets
Detroit Lions acquired this pick by trading #5 overall earlier. Detroit selects: Barkevious Mingo OLB, LSU
Mingo is explosive off the line and could do an excellent job replacing Cliff Avril who departed as a Free Agent.  With Suh and Fairly taking up blockers, Mingo could have a big impact early.
Ezekial Ansah OLB/DE, BYU
If they try to snag a QB, it is Ryan trying to save his job. But the pass rush is terrible. Ansah could change that in a hurry, similar to Aldon Smith. I can't see them grabbing Lotulelei after drafting Wilkerson and Coples as first rounders on the defensive line in past years.

10. Tennessee Titans
Jonathan Cooper OG, North Carolina
Yes, #10 is very early to grab an offensive guard.  But the top three tackles are gone and this line needs help – fast.  DT was also considered here.
Star Lotulelei DT, Utah
His film is so impressive. Hopefully the health risks fade. Seems like he could fit many schemes. They could also grab Richardson or an offensive guard. Their interior line is not good. Lots of line holes for a team coached by a former offensive tackle. Maybe if he saves his job he can draft his son next year.

11. San Diego Chargers
Eagles acquired this pick in trade with Chargers. Philadelphia selects: Star Lotulelei DT, Utah
Eagles really need a five-technique tackle to fit in the middle of their defense. Lotulelei is easily the best around. He’s a steal at #11.
Chance Warmack OG, Alabama
They had several interior linemen that were bulldogs in their prime when LT was dominating. Why not attempt to get that going again. Obviously they need help on defense and their biggest need is at OT. But I don't think they reach for Fluker.

12. Miami Dolphins
Miami trades pick to Pittsburgh for #17 overall plus additional picks. Steelers select: Cordarrelle Patterson WR, Tennessee
Patterson is just the kind of guy the Steelers want to replace Wallace.  Miami is the most likely team to trade a pick so it makes sense for these two to work something out.
Xavier Rhodes CB, Florida St.
Really don't like this regime's decision-making sometimes. Davis and Smith went from up and coming CB duo to gone real quick. Rhodes is a physical specimen worth grabbing.

13. NY Jets
Geno Smith QB, West Virginia
Geno is probably the #1 QB in this class but none of the guys are sure-fire impact players.   The Jets know they need to make a change and with Mingo off the board they’ll go QB.
Sheldon Richardson DT, Missouri (note: this pick was made by the author prior to TB trading it to the Jets)
Another defensive line pick? After they lost Miller and Bennett to free agency... Yes. He and McCoy could make some noise inside while they wait for Clayborn and Bowers to get to the QB. They could also grab a CB or trade this pick for Revis. NOTE: TB's midwest scout lives in Columbia, MO. So far he has got them Freeman, Talib and David from his territory.

14. Carolina Panthers
Sylvester Williams DT, North Carolina
Williams is skyrocketing up draftboards. Very similar to Floyd in that he can rush the passer and is decent vs. the run.
Kenny Vaccaro S, Texas
They have huge needs at DT, but I think the depth of that position in the draft allows the team to snag Vaccaro, which is nice, because the secondary is also a mess. They could go Sylvester Williams here. I don't think another WR is rated this high.

15. New Orleans Saints
Ziggy Ansah DE/OLB, BYU
Ansah looks to be a steal at #15 so the Saints snatch him up.  He’s a better DE than OLB but New Orleans will find ways to make him excel. Nice pick.
Barkevious Mingo DE/OLB, LSU
His ability to get off the ball quickly is quite impressive. He can also dip his shoulder while making those tall OTs bend down really nicely. That said, he might be a one-trick pony. The Saints need pass rush badly to stop comebacks while the offense scores plenty.

16. St. Louis Rams
Kenny Vaccaro S, Texas
The Rams don’t have a single safety worth a damn on the roster. Time to change that. Vaccaro can play both FS and SS which makes him an even better fit for Fisher.
Jonathan Cooper OT, North Carolina
They could easily go Ogletree here, but Dunbar and Laurenitis can both play. They really want Vaccaro as their safeties are not good. The offense must improve though... Cooper could be better than Warmack. Athletic as heck.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers
Steelers traded up to #12 with Miami. Dolphins select: Xavier Rhodes CB, Florida St.
The Dolphins wanted this guy at #12 and knew they could slip back a bit and still get him.  Rhodes gives some girth at corner, which is what they were hoping they got with the pick of Vontae Davis a few years ago.
Jarvis Jones OLB, Georgia
I think many people have predicted this. The film on Jones does not lie. I think losing Harrison scares them maybe more than losing Wallace. They have a knack for developing middle round WRs and maybe choose to try their luck at that again.

18.  Dallas Cowboys
Dallas trades #18 overall to Minnesota for #23 and additional picks. The Vikings select: Justin Hunter WR, Tennessee
Minnesota is in a world of hurt after sending Percy Harvin to Seattle.  They need good pass catchers stat and Hunter is the top WR on the board.
DJ Fluker OT, Alabama
The team needs safeties and offensive line bad. Fluker improves the run game instantly. He could probably go higher than this.

19. NY Giants
Chance Warmack OG, Alabama
The Giants biggest hole is on the O-line. Warmack will start from day one.
Tyler Eifert TE, Notre Dame
Easily could be Ogletree, though he has issues, or Werner. Eifert replaces Bennett nicely. Could be a pretty productive guy.

20. Chicago Bears
Manti Te’o LB, Notre Dame
Te’o has had a rough offseason. He’s still a good leader and a strong player. Someone needs to fill in for Urlacher and Te’o has the talent to do it.
Alec Olgetree LB, Georgia
Watson or another OL could go here. I don't think they can count on Williams at LB... he is a head-case. Ogletree could be too though.

21. Cincinnati Bengals
Desmond Trufant CB, Washington
Cincinnati had excellent Cb depth last season but that depth is no longer available. Taking a CB in the first helps one of the AFC’s top defenses.
Desmond Trufant CB, Washington
Fun fact: The team's top six corners last season were all former first rounders. Sadly most of them are old or gone already in 2013. The team really wants Vaccaro as safety is the team's biggest weakness. Crocker is a good mentor but doesn't have it anymore. Could go best player available here.

22. St. Louis Rams
Johnathan Franklin RB, UCLA
Steven Jackson opted out of his contract leaving an opening at RB. Franklin may not be a workhorse that’s not the way of the NFL   anymore.  This guy can take it to the house on any play and that has a ton of value.
DeAndre Hopkins WR, Clemson
One of my favorite players in the draft... before the hotel incident. At any rate, I think the team wants a good route runner and chain mover here. They could go Patterson but he is similar to Givens and Quick. They also could look at Cyprien or Arthur Brown.

23. Minnesota Vikings
Dallas acquired this pick by trading #18 overall. The Cowboys select: Sheldon Richardson DT, Missouri
Richardson is the #1 player on the board and the Cowboys need a DT quite badly. This worked out well, didn’t it?
Sylvester Williams DT, North Carolina
Can settle on the two best players available and maybe get both of them. Williams, the former KS JUCO kid, has a high motor. The Williams wall is reconstructed! Kevin will be a great mentor

24. Indianapolis Colts
DJ Fluker OT, Alabama
I’m a little surprised I didn’t slide him in earlier but sometimes to prospects slide for no apparent reason.  Fluker is just another part of the car that Andrew Luck drives. Sexy.
Datone Jones S, UCLA
Really a toss-up here. They gathered a bunch of random free agents a season ago and had success. So they tried it again but this time spent too much. Jones offers versatility which the team appreciates. Could also go Watson at OT or secondary

25. Minnesota Vikings
Arthur Brown ILB, Kansas St.
Brown is bit under the radar but could be the best LB in the draft. Vikings would do well to come away with him here.
Justin Hunter WR, Tennessee
Patterson might be a head-case... another KS JUCO kid. Seems like he can run vertically but not much else... Troy Williamson 2.0? Keenan Allen now has issues too. With so many teams needing WR help around this area, Hunter's value increases

26. Green Bay Packers
Eddy Lacy RB, Alabama
The team is supposedly begging for a RB and Lacy is a stud. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go safety here.
John Cyprien S, Florida International
They need a safety opposite Burnett. Cyprien I believe has a higher upside than Elam or Reid. Needs to miss less tackles though. Could also go defensive line.

27. Houston Texans
Tyler Eifert TE, Notre Dame
What do you do when you can’t find a suitable #2 WR? You take the best pass catcher available. Eifert won’t last this long but he would be a nice fit in Houston.
Cordarrelle Patterson WR, Tennessee
Desperate for WR help, they take on a project and hope he can stretch the field and take pressure off Andre Johnson. Might look at Watson too at OT, but they don't seem as concerned about it.

28. Denver Broncos
Bjoern Werner DE, Florida St.
What a great scheme fit. Denver has an vacant slot at pass rusher with Elvis Dumervil screwing up his fax.  Let’s hope Werner signs his contract in person.
Jamar Taylor CB, Boise St.
They could snag another defensive lineman like Werner here but secondary is a need too. Taylor has the overall skills to be solid and learn from Bailey.

29. New England Patriots
Patriots trade out of first round. Arizona Cardinals acquire the 29th pick. Cardinals select: Mike Glennon QB, North Carolina St.
The Patriots always trade down; that’s just what they do.  The Cardinals love this guy’s big arm. I think there’s a lot of talent here but he’s a bit of a risk with his terrible decision-making.
Tank Carradine DE, Florida St.
I really don't like this slot. Perhaps someone trades to here for a QB if the fast WRs are gone. Carradine provides a possible improved pass rush, which is needed. CB is also a need.

30. Atlanta Falcons
Zack Ertz TE, Stanford
He is not Tony Gonzalez but Tony G won’t be around much longer. Ertz can do it all and will be a welcome fit to this air-it-out offense.
Bjoern Werner DE, Florida St.
I can't decide what I think of Werner. Highly productive but his workouts weren't impressive and many stats were accumulated against lesser competition. The Falcons needs corners and rush ends bad. They might trade up for Trufant.

31. San Francisco 49ers
Eric Reid S, LSU
The 49ers know how to build a winning team and right now their secondary needs a bit of help. Reid is a great fit for a team with no real safety.
Eric Reid S, LSU
Reid isn't a bad player and safety is a need because Culliver is an idiot and they lost the other kid to Tampa and big bucks. Could see them snagging Hunt and believing they could coach him up to replace Justin Smith. They also have enough picks to trade up for a guy they like.

32. Baltimore Ravens
Jarvis Jones OLB, Georgia
Ozzie Newsome knows better than to pass on elite talent. Jones' stock has dropped due to injury history but he played healthy at Georgia and as always, getting to the QB is an elite skill.
Arthur Brown ILB, Kansas St.
Has some injury concerns but they need linebackers bad. They can't trust McClain just yet. Might also snag Allen at WR.

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