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Sunday, November 23, 2008

NCAA Div I Cross Country Championship

Tomorrow in Terre Haute one individual and one team will realize the goal they have been training for since high school. Unfortunately I'll be at work so I won't be able to attend or watch on tv. Fox Sports typically shows the race so if you have a free hour tune in.

Here's a list of the teams that qualified:

Great Lakes: Wisconsin, Michigan
Mid-Atlantic: Georgetown, Penn St.
Midwest: Oklahoma St., Minnesota
Mountain: Colorado, N. Arizona
Northeast: Iona, Providence
South: Alabama, Auburn
South Central: Texas A&M, Arkansas
Southeast Region: William & Mary, Virginia
West: Oregon, Stanford

At large bids:
BYU, Butler, Cal Poly, California, Fresno St., Florida St., Iowa St., North Carolina St., Notre Dame, Portland, Tulsa, UCLA, Villanova, Washington

For a better preview than I could ever give go to this page on LetsRun.

My quick picks:
1. Oregon
2. Oklahoma St.
3. Stanford
4. Wisconsin
5. Portland
6. Michigan
7. Iona
8. Colorado
9. Georgetown
10. Alabama

1. Galen Rupp (Oregon) Senior
2. Sam Chelanga (Liberty) Sophomore
3. Shadrack Kiptoo-Biwott (Oregon) Senior
4. Mark Korir (Wyoming) Senior
5. Shadrack Songok (Texas A&M) Senior
6. German Fernandez (Oklahoma St.) Freshman!
7. Samuel Kosgei (Lamar) Senior
8. David McNeill (N. Arizona) Sophomore
9. Hassan Mead (Minnesota) Sophomore
10. Patrick Smyth (Notre Dame) Senior
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