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Sunday, October 18, 2009

NCAA Top 25 - Week 7

Lots of things surprised me this week. For some of the games it was the winner, for others, the score blew my mind. Nebraska looked awful. Watch for a NASCAR update later tonight.

1. Florida - As I said before, I'm not taking away their spot at #1 until somebody beats them...I don't care how bad they look.
2. Texas - I don't understand how they couldn't put up more against Oklahoma after all the Sooners have given up to others.
3. Alabama - Maybe the AP has them #1, but they've got to play Florida at the end of the year anyway, so stop complaining.
4. Boise State - Not a pretty victory, but that's how it works sometimes. I'm not sure they can win out, so you won't have the BCS-Buster title shot that many think they will get.
5. TCU - I'm amazed that they put up so many points this week. What will happen against BYU?
6. USC - I am not impressed by the win over Notre Dame. I understand the Irish are decent this year and Clausen is pretty good, but I really expected a double-digit victory.
7. Cincinnati - I watched a good part of this game, and I thought South Florida would win. Now that I've seen them in action, I think the Bearcats are legit and deserving of this spot.
8. Iowa - Struggled early, but put Wisconsin away in the 2nd half. Road wins are not easy to come by in the Big Ten...see Purdue.
9. Miami - I know they lost to VaTech and are now ahead of them in my poll, but weather was a factor and I always consider how highly ranked the opponent was.
10. LSU - Bye week pays dividends. 2 spots? I'm breaking my own rules.
11. Georgia Tech
12. Virginia Tech
13. Oregon
14. Penn State
15. Oklahoma State
16. BYU
17. Ohio State
18. Pitt
19. Central Michigan
20. Idaho
21. Utah
22. Houston
23. West Virginia
24. Texas Tech
25. Kansas
(Just out: South Florida, South Carolina)
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