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Sunday, October 25, 2009

NCAA Top 25 - Week 7

Nebraska makes me now are my picks:

1. Florida - Another unpretty victory. Really hope they can pull it together for games at South Carolina and the SEC title...
2. Texas - Just when I thought the North was catching up in the Big XII...Missouri makes Texas look studly again.
3. Alabama - Maybe Al Davis was right, cuz that was the worst managed final 45 seconds by Lane Kiffin...I think Tennessee had 'em.
4. Boise State - Big blowout of Hawaii...not the easiest place to play. Remaining games aren't difficult, but can the Broncos stay focused?
5. TCU - Impressive over BYU. They can be this year's version of Boise State...if Boise State isn't.
6. USC - Next, at Oregon...I will be watching this one.
7. Cincinnati - Won easily with their backup. Still have 2 BIG Big East games versus West Virginia and Pitt to finish out their season.
8. Iowa - I was in the shower and Anderson was giving me updates through the door. I still can't believe the final drives by both teams in this one.
9. LSU - Kinda thought Auburn would be a spoiler here. I hate the Bayou Bengals, and now ESPN says they're in position to control their own destiny to the BCS title....that sucks.
10. Georgia Tech - Survived the unpredictable Mountaineers. I like this GaTech team.
11. Oregon
12. Virginia Tech
13. Penn State
14. Oklahoma State
15. Ohio State
16. Pitt
17. Central Michigan
18. Utah
19. Houston
20. Miami (FL)
21. West Virginia
22. BYU
23. South Carolina
24. Arizona
25. Notre Dame
(Just out: Cal, Ole Miss)
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