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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Freel for Ramon Hernandez

I just wanted to say something quick about this trade.  The Reds are trading their last year of beer-bucket Freel for two years of a slightly overrated catcher.  Hernandez represent a stopgap for two years allowing Ryan Hanigan to learn while being the backup.  He can has some medium pop, average defense, but is clearly declining.  Basically he's just overpaid.

In Freel Baltimore receives a utility player who looks like he can play everyday until you try it.  He's always injured and when he's not he fades badly in the second half.  The fans will love his all-out play and his entertaining interviews but thoughts that he was acquired so the team can move Brian Roberts are misguided.

Baltimore also gets two "prospects" in this deal but I don't see them as being significant contributors.  

Verdict:  No winners or losers here as each team traded to fill a need.
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