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Sunday, February 1, 2009


When Georges St. Pierre (GSP) walked into the Octagon looking especially in shape for his welterweight bout with B.J. Penn a sudden calm came over me. The man had taken his chiseled features to a next level for the highly anticipated UFC title match. With fan voters and the media giving more attention to the possibility of BJ Penn pulling an upset over St. Pierre, an anxious feeling succumbed over me prior to the mega-bout Saturday night. Penn, a man who has always had endless potential but a sour work ethic was stated as to be taking fighting musts like nutrition and developing stamina to heart; making him a nightmare challenger for the reigning welterweight champion St. Pierre.
This apprehension towards St. Pierre’s fights is starting to befuddle me, because time and time again the Francophone has come through in dominating fashion over his opponents. Minus the first-round (both fighters seemed to feeling each other out and didn’t want to make an early error), St. Pierre controlled all facets of the matchup. Whether it was in stand-up or on the ground were Penn’s Jui Jitzu skills and freakish flexibility our second to none, St. Pierre showed he was superior for three dominating rounds. GSP even made the stone jawed Penn bleed (never been cut in an MMA fight) with a vicious elbow to the cheek and tire to the point where his corner through in the towel after the fourth round for the proud Hawaiian mixed-martial artist.
St. Pierre’s victory is a culmination of his growing popularity in the MMA industry. This French-Canadian pretty boy did not immediately resonate with hard-core UFC followers. His French accent and Canuck roots made him an immediate adversary to the American audience. Yet, with further exposure to his determined work-ethic, ability to master any fighting style, loyalty to his family/roots, and the fact that he’s a solid individual; the UFC world has become enamored with him. GSP’s victory over Penn was his second with the first being a split decision that was highly controversial. In the first bout St. Pierre was poked in the eye in the first round making him nearly blind for half the fight. The second victory cemented his superiority over BJ and his weight division as the supreme warrior. Even his losses to Matt Hughes and Matt Serra have been avenged with dominating performances. A tough bout awaits with #1 challenger Thiago Alves but should I really doubt this guy anymore. He is what every human being should strive to be. To be determined to accomplish your goals with an unequaled work ethic and carry oneself through this process with a wealth of morality. Pound for Pound he is the best fighter in the world and deserves all the praise passed on to him.
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