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Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Meanderings

  • I think everyone was sick to their stomach when they heard the ARod news.  The question now is, how will the fans react?  Here's what Peter Gammons had to say after the interview.
  • Still, some people aren't convinced he's being honest. 
  • Breathe easy Cub fans.  The Cardinals made a surprising move today.  If LaRussa didn't want him to be the starter couldn't he just be a backup?  After all he is better than Brendan Ryan.
  • Sometimes it's the moves you don't make that allow you to win.  The Twins should ignore that catch phrase and sign their guy.  The AL Central is going to be a tight race and this guy could probably put them over the top.
  • Speaking of tight races, this news has to frustrate Rays fans.
  • Looks like the Mets are happy with their team.  Sorry Manny but it looks like Omar Minaya doesn't want the headache.
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