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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mexico must look in the Mirror.

America’s 2-0 victory over Mexico in a chilly 2010 World Cup qualifier this week solidified the U.S. Soccer Organizations dominance over its southern neighbor. The victory Wednesday night was no shocker; Mexico has never handed defeat to the U.S. on American soil and likely never will. The staunch reality is that the Mexican football empire has lost its focus. The spiking of US goalie Tim Howard by the Mexican captain Giovani Dos Santos in the opening qualifier is a perfect example of Mexico being more concerned with agitating its nemesis rather than outworking them on and off the pitch. Mexico must become more focused on its conditioning if it ever truly desires to establish equality with the US. With the Americans maintaining the top stamina of any international squad, conditioning must be priority one for Mexico if they hope to dislodge the Americans from CONCACAF domination. The other main reason for Mexico lagging behind the Americans in soccer class is glaring deficiency in developing talent within their soccer mad country. The United States is blessed with a wealthy infrastructure for fostering gifted footballers. Yet, Mexico finds its national team lacking any top-tier talent and no one in sight on the development pipeline. Investment by the soccer crazed Mexican nation/government must be put into place. Without top tier players and devotion to improved physical conditioning, Mexico will continue to fall behind the ever rising American football machine.
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