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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The 2011 College Football Season is Here

What a better way to avoid back-to-back hangovers and save some $$ than by staying in on Saturday night to blog! It's been a while since I've written, so I'm probably a bit rusty. Let's get to it.

  1. Oklahoma - They seem to be the consensus #1 around the country, and a blowout of Tulsa to start the year won't change that....unless Landry Jones gets hurt like Bradford did a few years ago.
  2. Alabama - Lots of red and white atop my poll. These guys are good, but AJ McCarron is still pretty young. Fortunately he's got a few weeks to get comfy before Arkansas comes to town.
  3. LSU - Call it a blowout win over Oregon, but the Tigers basically played a home game in Texas. However, they were in control for all of the 2nd half. Yet I'm not 100% convinced they're a title contender. This is still Les Miles (worst clock-management skills I've ever seen).
  4. Boise State - Strong showing with the win at Georgia. All the top programs avoid the Broncos like the plague, and Georgia paid the price for trying to step up. With only over-hyped TCU left as a major challenge on the schedule, they are poised to bust the BCS again. What about the Title? Not unless they are the ONLY undefeated team.
  5. Stanford - Dominated San Jose State (duh). Andrew Luck is obviously on early Heisman-watch. Gotta admit, I don't watch a lot of west-coast games because I'm usually inebriated and they are on so late sometimes. We'll see what kind of noise the Cardinal make on SportsCenter.
  6. Oregon - Yea, they lost to LSU, but again, that was basically a home game for the Tigers. But, the Ducks travel to Stanford this year, and 1 loss in the Pac-10 (er, 12) is too many. Oregon misses Masoli. LaMichael James isn't enough.
  7. Florida State - Is this team as good as those other polls suggest? Naturally I didn't watch the game against UL-Monroe....c'mon, it's UL-Monroe. I don't know anyone on this Seminoles team yet, so unless Christian Ponder comes back, I guess we may just wait till VaTech destroys the Noles in the ACC Championship.
  8. Texas A&M - They don't play until Sunday, but I'm gonna assume they beat SMU. I know its not a gimme, but this will all sort itself out next week if I'm wrong. And since they're making the right move by leaving the Big XII next year, they get bonus points in my book.
  9. Wisconsin - Nice way to start the 2011 NCAA season Thursday night over UNLV. Russell Wilson is a manbeast. I'm guessing the Badgers are a little sour that Nebraska is ahead of them in the AP Poll, but the Coaches Poll got it right (and we all know the Coaches Poll is the better one).
  10. Nebraska - We don't deserve to be here, but I'll do it anyway because it's my poll. Our first taste of the Big Ten (or B1G that keeps getting shoved in my face) will be a trip to Madison. Reality check will set in quickly. Hopefully the 'Skers get it together for a Wisconsin rematch in December at Lucas Oil Field.
  11. Oklahoma State
  12. Virginia Tech
  13. South Carolina
  14. Arkansas
  15. Ohio State
  16. Mississippi State
  17. Michigan State
  18. Florida
  19. Texas
  20. Missouri
  21. Georgia
  22. Baylor
  23. TCU
  24. USC
  25. Auburn
Week 1 Heisman Hopefuls I saw (in order): RG3, Russell Wilson, Kellen Moore

"You stay classy, San Diego"

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