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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Top 25 - 9/11/11

Ten years later...

This isn't an article about the terrorist attacks or "where was I", but I think it's important to acknowledge something that has definitely had an impact on me in many areas of my life over the last decade.

That being said, it's also my mom's birthday today. Not a great way to remember someone's birthday, but at least it didn't take a historic event to lock it away in my mind. She's been celebrating 9/11 a lot longer than we've been memorializing 9/11/01. Today is still my mom's birthday first, and the anniversary of a National tragedy second.

And onto the new top 25.

  1. Oklahoma - They had the bye week, but are still top dog in my mind. Onto Florida State next Saturday in another early season Top 5 (if you pay attention to the other polls) matchup.
  2. Alabama - Sure the major polls had LSU jumping the Tide in a few spots after last week, but Bama earned their spot back with a one-sided effort over Penn State. They didn't dominate, but they were in control the whole way.
  3. LSU - Might as well have been a week off for the Tigers as they get the blowout over Northwestern State. No, I don't know their mascot.
  4. Boise State - Also idle this week. But next week should be a good gauge of Ohio State's talent as the Blue Broncos face the same Toledo Rockets that almost took down the Buckeye's this week. I fully expect Kellen Moore to put up big numbers in a blowout.
  5. Stanford - Made the Duke Blue Devils look silly, but then again, Duke's not really known for their football program. Arizona could have been someone to watch out for next week, but the Wildcats looked disappointing on Thursday against Oklahoma State.
  6. Oregon - Bounced back with a huge offensive output against Nevada. And I kinda thought Nevada would put up a bigger number too. Maybe the Ducks D isn't terrible, or maybe LSU's offense is that amazing.
  7. Florida State - Again, another cupcake FCS/Division 1AA opponent goes down to a power program early in the year. Not a surprise, and no real way to judge how good/bad the Noles are from this game. As mentioned about, the showdown with #1 Oklahoma in Tallahassee next week looms large.
  8. Texas A&M - By playing SMU on Sunday last week, the Aggies took the week off to avoid playing after a short week. Okay fine, but when Idaho is your next opponent, I wouldn't be too worried. Watch out for the OSU Cowboys (Cowpokes? I disapprove of this.) in 2 weeks.
  9. Wisconsin - In case you missed it last week, this team is good. Russell Wilson is Heisman material. Oregon State was made to look a fool in the 35-0 shutout. Nebraska does not look to be much of a challenge at this point either, so who can stop the Badgers? I smell Roses. Or is that Sugar...
  10. Oklahoma State - The 3rd Big XII (ten) team in my Top 10. Nebraska struggled waaaaaay too much with Fresno State, and Okie State blew right through the gates against Arizona on Thursday night. Justin Blackmon looked real good in the victory...enough to get people talking.
  11. Nebraska
  12. Virginia Tech
  13. South Carolina
  14. Arkansas
  15. Michigan State
  16. Ohio State
  17. Florida
  18. Texas
  19. Auburn
  20. USC
  21. West Virginia
  22. Baylor
  23. TCU
  24. Mississippi State
  25. Michigan
This week's Heisman performances I saw (in order): Justin Blackmon, Denard Robinson, Russell Wilson
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