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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Conference Shakedown - 10/1/11

Some serious matchups between top 25 schools this week. Some schools stepped up big (Bama, Wisc). Others were a letdown (Neb, Va Tech). I will say this much. The B1G Ten has 1 school carrying the torch for the conference right now, and Wisconsin better win out to keep things respectable. The SEC dominated the news again, and it looks like a Big XII v. SEC title is brewing.

Show me whatcha workin with.

  1. Oklahoma - Played Ball State. Nothing to worry about there as a preparation for the Red River Shootout with UT next week. Can't put too much stock into what happened today in the 62-6 blowout, but they've been my #1 from the start.
  2. Alabama - Just in case you thought LSU was that good, remember that Bama is also SEC and also undefeated and also has a really great coach (Saban) and also has a previous National Championship and also destroyed a conference juggernaut (#12 Florida today, 38-10).
  3. LSU - Passed the Kentucky test, but bringing back their suspended stud Jordan Jefferson didn't add too much value. This team has looked good at times, and their defense has surprised me. Should win next week with the Gators at home after the Tide exposed the Gators. But watch out for a top 5 matchup against Bama in November.
  4. Boise State - Avenged last year's disappointing loss to Nevada with a solid 30-10 win today. Interestingly enough, Kellen Moore looked a little off despite the victory. As mentioned previously, the only "real" opponent left is TCU, but they are clearly in a down year. Could be another undefeated Boise team missing out on a title shot this year without some more "oopsies" above them.
  5. Stanford - I never really sit down to watch this team. I found some of the more recent talent and ex-coach Jim Harbaugh (go Colts!) to be entertaining, but now I can't summon the strength to watch Andrew Luck. Plus, when I think of Stanford, I just don't see college football. How are they here?How much longer can this charade last before USC reclaims Pac-12 (16?) dominance?
  6. Wisconsin - Usually I don't jump idle teams, but Wisconsin confirmed for me what many probably already assumed. They are good. Russell Wilson is good. Montee Ball is pretty good. The O-line is huge. But the B1G Ten looks soft. Ohio State riddled with problems; the Michigan schools aren't overly-impressive. Neither is Nebraska or Penn State. Good luck getting to the title game.
  7. Oregon - See above, plus Wisconsin is still undefeated and Oregon has that loss to LSU. Its not over for the Ducks, but they will need to win the new Pac-12 Championship and have some help to get back into the National Title conversation.
  8. Oklahoma State - On bye this week as well, but another snoozer next week against Kansas. Watch for the Texas game in 2 weeks....especially if the Horns pull off an upset against Oklahoma. This could be a battle of Top 10s.
  9. Clemson - This is where things really start to shake up. After a few of my Top 10s fall, and Clemson dominates my #11 (Virginia Tech), they pretty much locked themselves into this spot. And watch for the "official" polls to agree with me. I bet you see Clemson in the top 10 in both of those other polls tomorrow.
  10. Michigan - Another school benefiting from the surprises near the top of the polls. I think the consensus was that South Carolina would be up here, but Auburn spoiled that. Meanwhile, another Heisman frontrunner has catapulted his team to the top 10 in my opinion. Watch out for Denard "Shoelaces" Robinson to keep it going at Northwestern next week.
  11. Texas
  12. Arkansas
  13. Texas A&M
  14. Virginia Tech
  15. West Virginia
  16. Florida
  17. Nebraska
  18. Georgia Tech
  19. Florida State
  20. Michigan State
  21. Illinois
  22. Auburn
  23. Arizona State
  24. South Carolina
  25. Baylor

Heisman Update:

  1. Russell Wilson, QB (Wisconsin)
  2. Robert Griffin III, QB (Baylor)
  3. Landry Jones, QB (Oklahoma)
  4. Denard Robinson, QB (Michigan)
  5. Trent Richardson, RB (Alabama)
  6. Kellen Moore, QB (Boise State)
  7. Montee Ball, RB (Wisconsin)
  8. Andrew Luck, QB (Stanford)

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