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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pre-BCS Top 25

Tonight the first BCS rankings will come out. Pretty sure we all know the top 3 schools, and the order is a little irrelevant since LSU plays Alabama in a few short weeks. What will be interesting is where the Boise (Blowout) Blue Broncos fall. Odds are good they will be short of all the undefeateds from the major conferences, possibly including Clemson and Wisconsin. Speaking of undefeated teams, a few ran into problems yesterday which results in a new team in the Top 10.

It is so....

  1. Oklahoma - The final score over Kansas looks pretty much 1-sided, but the 1st half was anything but. The Jayhawks were within 7 until a Field Goal just before halftime pushed it to 10. Oklahoma continued to score and gave up no more for the 30 point victory. Landry Jones still had a strong stats day, but there may be some chinks in the Sooners' armor.
  2. Alabama - Another game that was a little closer than expected at half. In fact, the Rebels came out and scored on the opening drive, but Trent Richardson had a huge day with 4 rushing TDs and over 200 all-purpose yards. Next week they get Tennessee (snoozer) before the bye week and then LSU.
  3. LSU - Easy peezy over Tennessee. Probably gonna be these guys or Oklahoma #1 in the BCS, but again, doesn't matter until LSU plays Alabama in 3 weeks. Don't overlook a solid Auburn team next week though. Interesting that LSU and Bama both knew to take the bye week right before they faced each other. Wonder where ESPN GameDay will be on Nov. 5...
  4. Boise State - If only the blowouts counted for more than a W. Seems like Boise State is always 1 step behind in their bid for a national championship. The Broncos moved to the Mountain West this year, an obvious improvement from the WAC. But then Utah, BYU, and TCU (arguably the 3 best from the old MWC) all left this year, so nothing really gained. Now Boise wants to join the Big East, and that conference looks to be falling apart at the seams. Maybe a Kellen Moore Heisman would help...dude had 4 TDs and only 4 incomplete passes this week.
  5. Stanford - Much like Oklahoma, this game was closer than the score shows. That 30-point victory was after a 10-7 halftime score. Andrew Luck turned it on in the 2nd half with 4 unanswered passing TDs to put the game away. The Washington Huskies shouldn't be a problem next week, but USC in 2 weeks could be interesting. All those Harbaugh teams that gave Pete Carroll fits....time for some payback from the Trojans?
  6. Wisconsin - One writer actually thought the Badgers might hang 90 points on Indiana. Though Russell Wilson and Montee Ball are BAMFs, it's hard to put together a blowout of those epic proportions in college football today. Alas, 59 was more than enough as the Hoosiers aren't really known as a football school, and their 1-6 record proves it. Good news is, the basketball program is slowly getting back on track.
  7. Oregon - I really believe Arizona State was gonna pull off the upset here. They had their chances, and in a few instances, the Sun Devils led the Ducks. However, Oregon and their 7th jersey combination in 6 games this year proved too much. Keep in mind, the only loss to this Ducks squad was game 1 against potentially #1 overall LSU. Still a good team in the Pac-12, and still with title hopes.
  8. Oklahoma State - Amazing how Nebraska leaving the Big XII has quickly stopped me from paying attention to Big XII games. Certainly the OSU Cowboys facing the Texas Longhorns should have been an interesting matchup, but I had no desire to watch. Certainly the victory was solid enough, and with Missouri and Baylor the next 2 weeks, don't expect much vertical movement from the Cowboys without someone slipping above them. I'll care again when OU plays OSU and they're both undefeated.
  9. Clemson - I gotta be honest, I did not think they could come back when Maryland jumped out to a double-digit lead and kept it through most of the 3rd quarter. But somehow Clemson wore down the Terrapins and their cast iron helmets. Someone should tell Maryland to leave the weird uniforms to Oregon. With Georgia Tech finally losing, that leaves the Tigers as the only undefeated ACC team...and they face Ga Tech in Georgia in a couple weeks. Big matchups with BCS implications there.
  10. Arkansas - Bye week. Next couple games shouldn't be too challenging.
  11. Virginia Tech
  12. West Virginia
  13. Michigan State
  14. Nebraska
  15. South Carolina
  16. Michigan
  17. Texas A&M
  18. Georgia Tech
  19. Auburn
  20. Kansas State
  21. Penn State
  22. Houston
  23. Illinois
  24. Arizona State
  25. Georgia
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