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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My HOF vote...if I had one

Baseball-reference has a complete list of this year's hall of fame class.  Go there and click on their stats to get a good idea of what each player has done.  Seriously.  
Each writer can vote up to ten players but is not obligated to vote for anyone.  Here is what my ballot would look like:

No Brainers
  • Rickey Henderson: see my post from earlier this week
  • Mark McGwire: Steroids or not, this guy was a monster.  Even won a gold glove.  Was a 12 time All Star.  
  • Tim Raines: played in Henderson's shadow for his entire career.  Is the 2nd greatest leadoff hitter of all time and retired with an OPS+ of 123.  That's sweet.  Also look at those BB & K numbers.  You don't see that anymore.
  • Bert Blyleven: Really, what's the difference between 287 wins and 300?  A lot of luck.  How about finishing in the top 10 in ERA 10 times?  Being 5th all time in strikeouts and fourteenth in innings pitched is HOF worthy also.
Recently convinced
  • Dale Murphy: 2 time MVP and five time gold glover.  Finished first or second four times in OPS.  I think it's possible he's being penalized because it was evident to everyone except himself when the end had come.  
  • Alan Trammell: If Keith Law says so it must be true, right?  1984 MVP, 4 straight gold gloves.  Basically was a very good hitter and a very good fielder from 1979-1990 and was great at both from 1980-1984 & 1987-88.  Bill James has him ranked as the best SS of all time not in the Hall and better than several that are in.  Is definitely better than Dave Concepcion, who has been getting a lot of support lately.
Oh-so-close but not quite
  • Tommy John: Similar to Blyleven just not as dominant in his peak years.
  • Don Mattingly: Mattingly was a GREAT player from 84-89 but once the 90s came he was merely average.  Sadly, he doesn't get my vote.
  • Andre Dawson: I just can't get past that OBP.  Excellent defensive player with a legendary arm.  Good power, good speed, and a hall worthy nickname.  In the Hawk's MVP season (1987) he finished sixth in offensive outs made.  In 1983 when he finished 2nd in MVP voting, he was third in outs made.  His career OPS+ is 119 which is very good but that OBP is .338.  By comparison the other Hall of Famers on my ballot retired with OBPs of .401 (Henderson), .394 (McGwire), .385 (Raines), .346 (Murphy), and .354 (Trammell).  .338 just isn't good.  Now I'll shut up before I change my mind on Murphy.
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