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Sunday, January 4, 2009

A quick glance at the Man of Steal

For some reason that doesn't make any sense to me, Rickey Henderson will not be on every writer's ballot.  Listed below are several reasons why I believe Rickey Henderson should be the first unanimous pick to enter Cooperstown in 2009.
  • Retired as the all-time leader in walks, runs scored, and stolen bases.
  • Accumulated more than 3000 hits, 500 doubles, 100 triples, and missed the 300 HR barrier by just three.
  • Was a 10 time All Star and won a gold glove
  • 1991 AL MVP and also finished 2nd in 1981 and 3rd in 1985
  • Led the league in runs scored five times, hits once, walks four times, stolen bases twelve times, and on-base % once.
  • Has the single season record for stolen bases with 130
  • Retired with a .401 OBP
  • Played in 8 postseasons including three World Series.
  • Batted .284/.389/.441 in the postseason and .339/.448/.607 in the World Series
  • Was 1989 ALCS MVP
  • Is unquestionably the greatest leadoff hitter ever
So we're looking at a guy who had a few great seasons, was good for an incredible length of time, and was a superstar in the World Series.  Plus there's a lot of fun stories about him.  I don't know how some writers can say he doesn't deserve to go in on the first ballot.
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