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Thursday, January 8, 2009

NFL impact players in tonight's game

  • Jermaine Gresham TE: Big receiving tight end that some scouts say is the best receiving tight end since Kellen Winslow.  He can't be covered by a linebacker and is too tall for most corners.  Buffalo could take him with the 11th pick but I'm hoping they go for a pass rushing defensive end.  Fantasy players take note.  This guy will have an impact.
  • Percy Harvin SE: The dude can run and catch with the best of them.  Sorta reminds me of Reggie Bush.  Will he be a WR or be a 3rd down back in the NLF?  For fantasy players out there, remember this guy has trouble staying healthy in college.  Probably a late first or early second rounder.  I could see San Diego or Tennessee taking this guy. 
  • Sam Bradford QB: Unlike Big12 Qb's Colt McCoy, Graham Harrell, and Chase Daniels, Bradford has a skill set that appears will translate to the next level.  The Heisman winner is probably the first or second best pocket passer in college.  I don't think Detroit takes him with the first pick but I could see him going in the middle of the first round, possibly to the Texans or Jets.  What does Kiper say? (please post in the comments)
  • Gerald McCoy DT:  Blows up blockers as soon as the ball is snapped.  Can rush the passer or stop the run.  Could be the new Tommie Harris.  Let's just hope he doesn't lose his passion after signing like Tommie did.  I think he goes in the top 10.  St. Louis would be a great fit.
  • Tim Tebow: I don't see Tebow making a big impact in a statistical point of view, but he is perhaps the biggest name in this game.  I see three options for him in the NFL: Safety, fullback, or a piece in a wild-cat type offense.  His lack of accuracy will prevent him from being a quarterback and he's not nearly fast enough to be a feature running back.  Unfortunately for him he's just a product of the Gators offensive system.  Fortunately for him he was the perfect fit and it earned him a Heisman trophy and at least one national championship.
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