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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Who should have been the NFL MVP?

Peyton Manning just won his 3rd NFL MVP this week in a landslide vote.  Shouldn't the vote have been a little bit closer?  Brees nearly broke the record for passing yards and Kurt Warner led the Cardinals to a division title.  Let's take a look and some stats and see what we come up with.

Yds/Att 20+ 40+ Int% Sack TO Off Pts
A 7.211 40 7 2.2 14 12 347
B 7.664 50 12 2.3 26 21 389
C 7.983 66 16 2.7 13 18 443

Quarterback A had the fewest percentage of his passes picked off but his offenses also scored the fewest points and had the fewest big plays in the passing game.  However this quarterback was also sacked the fewest and committed the fewest turnovers.
Quarterback B was average across the board except for sacks and turnovers--two no-no's.
Quarterback C had the best average per pass attempt and the most big plays.  His offense also scored the most points.

Rat 2 min TD Int
A 86.3 6 2
B 57.8 1 3
C 83.4 4 3
*Rat 2 min = QB rating in the last 2 minutes of a half

Once again QB B fails to stand out in this metric.  QB A has the best rating and best TO:Int ratio although QB C is not far behind.  

So who should be the MVP? A, B, or C?  I personally would vote for QB C due to the insane number of points and big plays he gave his team while not hurting them as badly as QB B.

A = Manning
B = Warner
C = Brees

The fact that the Saints did not make the playoffs speaks volumes of their defense and special teams.  Once Bush got injured the return game suffered and the defense had some injuries as well.  I don't think Brees should have been penalized for this.
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